PIV5R™ Cost Calculator

Use the PIV5R™ Cost Calculator to determine your estimated current annual cost for inpatient catheter usage, projected catheter savings, and projected annual savings.

Instructions: Click on the outer part of the wheel by selecting the number of beds that represent your hospital to calculate your projected annual inpatient savings.

What is your annual cost per bed of IVTherapy?

Potential Cost Savings 1.1/patient visit success rate

  • There are more PIV catheters sold in U.S. each year than there are people.
  • Current data shows 50% failure rate in IV catheters in < 72 hours.
  • The average cost of PIV is $28 - $35 for "first-stick"insertions.
  • Saving up to > 70% is possible using the PIV5R approach.
Please request a custom calculation from your sales representative or visit pivfiverights.com for more information.

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